Friday, March 23, 2012

The Aim of Life

What is the aim of life? 

The aim of life is to get the most happiness out of it.  To so learn to live that every coming day will be looked for in the assurance that it will be as full, and even fuller, of pleasure than the day we now live in.  

To banish even the recollection that time can hang heavily on our hands; to be thankful that we live; to rise superior to sickness or pain; to command the body, through the power of the spirit, so that it can feel no pain. 

To control and command the thought so that It shall ever increase in power to work and act separate, apart, and afar from our body, so that it shall bring us all that we need of house or land or food or clothes, and that without robbing or doing injustice to anyone.

To gain in power so that the spirit shall ever recuperate, reinvigorate and rejuvenate the body so long as we desire to use it, so that no part or organ shall weaken, wither, or decay.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thinking In Advance

Electrons (or energy) fills all space in the entire universe, including the free space will call air, your entire body (as cells) and your entire world around you and all the items contained therein.

Most people do not know that by universal design the human mind controls electrons.  Your mind has been freely given the ability to direct these ever-present electrons and you have already been doing so your entire life, by habitual thinking, or focusing or concentrating.

You do actually make the "things before” pleasant or unpleasant for yourself according as you think of them in advance.  Therefore, if you are worried about something before it has actually happened, you are actually creating the very thing, situation or event that you are worrying about, by means of your creative and attractive thought energy. 

However, you can also use this powerful knowledge to your advantage at anytime you choose….

Instead of worrying, hold a picture in your mind of everything going exactly the way you want it to go, even if it sounds or feels silly.  DO IT!!

We shall know with absolute certainty that when we concentrate our mental force or thought on any plan, pursuit or undertaking, we are setting at work the attractive force of thought- substance to draw to us the means, circumstances, opportunities or individuals to carry out that plan,
Whatever the mind is set upon, or whatever it keeps most in view, that it is bringing to it, and the continual thought or imagining must at last take form and shape in the world of seen and tangible things.  

This is a phenomenal law of the universe – use it to your full advantage for your happiest life.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How To Get Anything You Want Through Your Intention

First, decide whatever it is that you truly desire to receive or achieve.

Relax & Clear Your Mind.
Try to let all thoughts drift away out of your conscious or concentrate on an object until you lose focus on thoughts and surroundings. Listening to music can help as well.

Begin to imagine what it would be like if you already had whatever you wanted.  
Form and hold a mental picture in your mind of you already having what you want. What does it look like? How does it feel? How does it make you feel? What do you do with it? Make as complete a picture as possible. Think of how great it would be to have that thing you want and what you would do with it.

Try to understand that your brain cannot perceive thought and reality differently.
This means that if you're running the 100 meter dash, your brain wouldn't be able to tell the difference if you are actually running it, or only visualizing that you are running it. If you want something that you do not yet physically possess, but you're visualizing that you have it, your brain must create this thing. Thoughts create things, as inventions were only ideas until they were brought to life by those who thought about them.

  • More thought = more power. Mind over matter, so the more thought you put into it, the more material you will get out of it.
  • Your brain is an energetic force, and when filled with thoughts of what you wish to happen, there is a demanding subconscious attraction toward that thought, person, object, or situation. Visualizing your goal focuses your attention on what needs to be done to get what you desire.
  • Realize that big items such as houses, soul mates or vehicles will not come immediately. Much thought and visualization must take place in order to create these things.
  • Say what it is that you want to achieve, very plainly, directly, simply three times. Then say Thank You, three times. Repeat as you feel necessary. This helps to focus your energy and intent. Don't forget to visualize, paint a clear and distinct mental picture in your mind and hold it there.
  • Don't be discouraged if you don't see what you wanted at your doorstep within the first few weeks. Many people want big things that take time to get to the person who asked for it.
  • Things you want are not always the only thing this can attract. If you dwell on something negative, it very well might happen.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Your Mind - The Powerful Unseen Magnet For Your Life

It’s important to know what electrons are and how they are controlled.

Electrons fill all space and exist everywhere.  They fill all material bodies and occupy the whole of what we call empty space. Electrons make up the Universal Substance from which all things proceed.  ALL THINGS!

Mind directs electrons!!  Your mind is actually directing these electrons and shaping your life right now and always has been and always will.  This is how people ‘have dominion over all things’, because all things are made up of electrons and your mind is its master.  Electrons MUST obey your mind’s direction.

Electrons show up in the body as cells and since your mind directs electrons, your mind is directing the cells in your body as to how to continually make up your body over and over on a continual basis.  Your body casts off millions (yes millions) of cells each second and creates new cells to replace them.  Your mind is directing these new cells to either be healthy cells or unhealthy cells based on what you are thinking or your predominate frame of mind.

You do actually make the "things before" pleasant or unpleasant for you according as you think of them in advance.

In all business we must press on in mind to the successful end result. We must see (or picture) in our mind or imagination the thing we plan completed, the system or method organized and in working order, the movement or undertaking advancing and ever growing stronger. To spend time and energy looking back and living past troubles or obstacles over again, and out of such living and mental action to conjure more difficulties or oppositions, is literally to spend time and energy in destroying the very thing that you are actually trying to accomplish, or, you are placing obstacles in your own way.

Whatever a person’s mind is set upon or whatever it keeps most in view, that it is bringing to itself (you), and the continual thought or imagining must show up in your physical world.  This is one reason why many people meditate, as they are directing their thought so that they can receive a desired experience in their physical world, whether it is peace & harmony, good health, wealth & abundance or some other desired physical experience.

Everyone knows that mind creates thoughts.  These thoughts are mind in its ‘dynamic’ form and our thought is the unseen powerful magnet that is continually attracting to itself (you) that which matches the thought (or the pictures that you are holding in your mind; generally in your subconscious mind).  This is the cornerstone of each person’s happiness or misery and should be kept as much as possible in our mind each day.

This simple yet brilliant quote from Mr. Albert Einstein sums up the minds incredible magnetic power:

‘Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions’.

The thought pictures that you are now holding in your mind are drawing the parallel back to you.  You have complete control over these pictures and can change them whenever you want.  Simply focus or concentrate on yourself in a different picture (or reality) in your mind, and as you continue to do this consistently, the pictures in your physical life must change to match the new pictures in your mind.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How to use the energy within you and around you to help bring you the money you want

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First of all, it is IMPOSSIBLE for any person to ‘release’ more money (or universal supply) than they ‘think’ is possible for them to have or receive because each person is faithfully bound by the limited expectancies of their own subconscious mind.  You MUST enlarge your expectancies, at a subconscious level, in order to receive in a larger way.

Limiting beliefs and expectancies about money can come from our childhood when or beliefs about things are being developed or it can come from current daily activities today like watching the news or reading about how the economy is in bad shape and money is scarce.  If your subconscious mind sees and hears over and over again that the economy is bad, even though we live in the richest country in the world, and this entire world, and universe for that matter, contains a phenomenal amount of abundance in just about any form imaginable, then your mighty and obedient subconscious will ‘believe’ that the economy is bad and will work to bring a negative event in your own personal economy, such as a job loss, major home or car repair, or some other major expense, so that your life experience will match your subconscious belief.

So how do you change your subconscious belief to accept what you actually want it to believe?  You can do this in several different ways and here are two of the most effective ways. One way is by visualization and the other is by affirmations.

Your mind sees things in pictures, so if you visualize something (or holding a picture in your mind) you are in harmony with your own mind’s belief system.  Let’s say that you want an annual income of $50,000 (if this number is too low for you feel free to increase it to your desire), if you don’t know how much money you want then you will need to decide exactly how much you want; this is EXTREMELY important.  It is not enough to merely say ‘I want a lot of money’, you need to select the exact amount that you want and then zero-in on that amount.  This must be done before you can proceed any further.  Once you’ve selected the amount of money that you want, write a check to yourself in that exact amount and present that check to yourself in the mirror, you can also write a statement about yourself that you now have a yearly income of $50,000 (or whatever amount you have chosen).  You must state this new ‘truth’ in present reality, as if it exists now.  Your subconscious mind will only bring to you what it believes is your present truth, so state and think of this money as being your new ‘present truth’ in mind so it can sink into your subconscious mind and then it will show up in your outside or physical reality.  Your subconscious mind and your outside/physical reality must ALWAYS match!  Just like your hands match, your feet, your arms and legs all match, your inner belief and your outer experience must match no matter what!  This is how we all are designed by the Divine Spirit of the universe.

You want to close your eyes and use your mind to imagine yourself with a $50,000 annual income, imagine going thru your day, buying whatever you would buy with this money, traveling, attending events, do all the things you would do if you already had the money you desire.  You should be in a relaxed state when you do this, you can do this just after you wake up in bed, just before you go to sleep at night in bed, or you can sit in a chair and relax yourself and perform this function.  You should spend at least 15 minutes each day doing this (30 minutes would be even better if you have the time).  It may be hard to stay focused for 15-30 minutes when you first start out, but keep doing it and it will get easier and easier.  Also, begin to move toward this new financial goal, apply for a promotion, a new job, or look into starting a small business from your home, move toward your money so that your money can move toward you, it’s not simply going to fall into your lap without any action from you.  This money idea or ‘consciousness’ MUST come thru you (your mind) before it can ever come to you (in your physical possession).

An affirmation is generally a message that is repeated over and over in order to impress a new belief into the subconscious mind.  A good example would be TV commercials, which are not normally run one time, but they are run over and over day after day, this impresses the viewers’ subconscious mind about the products on TV.  The good news is that you can do the same thing to yourself for your own advantage. 

You want to state your affirmation in present reality such as, ‘My annual income is now $50,000 and I enjoy my work’.  You can say it out loud or in your head, with your eyes open or closed (just make sure you are not distracted if your eyes are open, closing your eyes may give you deeper concentration).  Repeat this affirmation 15-20 times each day (or more if you like) and allow yourself to feel good about what you are saying.  Feel how happy you will be when you actually have this money in hand.  The ‘feeling’ part is key in this process!

Try one or both of these methods for a month and see what changes and/or opportunities begin to show up in your life.  And be sure to remain open to any and all ways that this money can get to you.  Do not limit the avenues that can be created for your money to arrive to you.  Divine energy is working with your subconscious and the subconscious minds of other people and directing them toward helping you achieve your goal, even if it is though someone that you do not like and swore would never ever help you in any way.  Higher energy is always in control and can and will use ANY person it chooses to help you as long as YOU do not limit the ways.  Stay open to everything!

Remember that persistence pays off, you must do this day after day and not just every now and then.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Divine Substance the one and only reality of all that exists.

Divine Substance and 'energy' are two different terms of the exact same thing and this divine energy is the all-originating spirit of life.  This substance fills everything that exists and also fills all the empty space in between.  This substance is phenomenally intelligent and has the ability to think and create.  This powerful substance owns all thoughts and knows all, and the only ability it has is the ability to think. This amazing substance flows through every single person on the face of the earth and is free from all limit and qualification.  There is no limit to what this divine substance is able to accomplish, but this divine substance can only act through the individual.  The individual is constantly directing this substance either on purpose or by accident, through focus, concentration or visualization, and all of these actions require thinking!

The closest physical appearance of this spiritual substance is in the form of electrons, and electrons manifest themselves in our bodies as cells, and science has proven that mind controls electrons.  Therefore, your mind has directing power over the cells in your body.  There are between 50-75 Trillion cells in the human body and each one of them is intelligent and constantly receives positive or negative signals (or thoughts) from the brain and reacts accordingly.  Now you can see the connection between negative thoughts (i.e. stress and worry) and discomfort or illness in the body, or, positive thoughts and peace, comfort and good health.  The cells in your body must align themselves with your predominant thought vibration, the key is to think more positive thoughts that negative ones, and this you surely can do!